7 Healthy Breakfasts Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in order to kick-start your routine in the most energetic way possible. Due to being health-conscious, breakfast should be chosen very carefully with ingredients that will give you slow releasing energy, and are low in saturated fat.

Breakfast food should ideally have as many micronutrients as possible, and slow-releasing carbohydrates to give you a feeling of being full, for as much time as possible. Different vitamins and micronutrients help in various ways to help your organs and body function well; calcium keeps your teeth healthy, and your bones strong, carbs give us energy and fiber is essential for easy digestion. Iron and minerals also help us stay healthy, keep our immune system strong and ward off certain sicknesses.

But, with all things, moderation is key, you really can have too much of a good thing in food, and it’s important to know how much you should be having when it comes to sugar, carbs, protein, etc so you don’t experience weight gain or negative affects. To help with this, we have compiled a list of 7 Healthy Breakfasts Ideas that will help you make a delicious and extremely beneficial first meal of your day.


Rockford IL Yoga BlogSmoothies are an excellent way to begin, not only are they tasty and packed with all the essential goodness that you need, but it’s quite common to not have a feeling of hunger first thing in the morning, which can make eating anything solid quite difficult; a smoothie, however, is easy to swallow, and can start your metabolism and appetite. Smoothies are also very convenient, especially if you are in a rush to get ready for work in the mornings since you don’t need to stand around in the kitchen waiting for long periods of time making it, you can even make them before bed and save it in the refrigerator ready for the following morning – below we have included two smoothie recipes:

Yogurt and Berries

For this one, the ingredients you will need are one cup of your favorite fruits and one cup of yogurt – Make sure to peel any fruits like mangos or oranges, and chop all the fruit into small chunks. Add the yogurt and fruit chunks in a jug or glass and mash the ingredients together, or stick them into a blender/smoothie maker if you have one until you are happy with the consistency, then pour in a glass and enjoy. You can also sprinkle pomegranate seeds or flaxseed on top to your taste.

Peanut Butter and Banana

The next option is full of fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins so it is going to give you energy all throughout the day, and like before, it will take not more than five minutes to make the smoothie. To make this creamy recipe, you need bananas (the amount depends on your preference, but ideally start with one, and add more if you want) and peanut butter. As previously, chop the bananas, and add the ingredients together into a bowl and mash, or into a blender/smoothie maker until you are happy.


Toast for breakfast in Rockford IL YogaSome people think their breakfast is incomplete without using whole-grain bread or toast, so the next recipes are for exactly this. The best thing about whole grains is that they are great at keeping you full without  making you fat. Moreover, they are full of energy and can keep you feeling energetic all during the day.

Tomato and Goat Cheese

For this, you need your favorite kind of tomato thinly sliced, and ricotta or goat cheese blended with miso paste, nuts, and add garlic if you want. You can also sprinkle some pepper and salt over the sandwich to increase its taste. Since most bread is suitable for vegans, this is also a great vegan option.

Nuts, Butter, and Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are great for fat loss and they are part of almost all the fat-burning formulas. Hence, this recipe is fantastic to satisfy your hunger without increasing body fat. Take two whole grain bread slices; on one slice spread chia seeds and all your favorite nuts. Sprinkle with salt or black pepper to your taste, and add a little butter to the other slice, to stop it from being too dry.

Avocado and Egg

A super simple and popular option is avocado and egg – On your toasted bread slices, spread a layer of mashed avocado and a poached (or fried) egg on top, adding salt and pepper to taste. Avocado is also a filling food source, so you will be able to go a long time before eating again with this breakfast option.


Berries and granola parfait layered dessertParfaits are French breakfast dishes that are similar to smoothies; along with creamy a paste it also includes grains or fruit that you need to chew before swallowing. Like with smoothies they give you energy while staying healthy and scrumptious to eat.

Berry Parfait

The first recipe is based on ingredients like fruit and yogurt. Yogurt is a perfect source of low-fat proteins and gives you a great boost especially before going to the gym. To begin you need to take the yogurt, and your choice of berry and beat it until smooth. and after spread chunks of strawberry on top.

Pumpkin Yogurt Parfait

Let’s be honest, pumpkins don’t taste great and most of us will avoid anything with pumpkin in, however, they are a great source of energy, and work well against constipation and enhancing digestion. In this recipe you can also sprinkle some sugar into the mix, this will aid in lessening the tastelessness. For this, you just need to add pumpkin pulp to the yogurt, and blend – it’s as quick as that.

Healthy Breakfast And Your Yoga Practice

If you are attending yoga classes or have hired a yoga instructor in order to lose weight, you cannot neglect breakfast; it is useless to engage in an activity if you are not following a proper healthy diet plan at the same time. If you want the yoga classes to be effective enough to help you lose weight, you need to have a decent and nutritious breakfast after attending class.

Yoga is not like any other physical activity which only focuses on the physical well-being of a person, yoga gives the best results on an empty stomach. However, even though for the best results you need to eat after yoga, according to experts of yoga in Rockford, IL, it is recommended to have an interval of around 2-3 hours between your breakfast and finishing your yoga class.

Doing yoga on an empty stomach not only helps your flexibility but also increases your focus. Having breakfast after yoga also aids in fast digestion, and a higher metabolic rate, both of which, of course, lead to faster weight loss.

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All the recipes offered are quick and easy to make, but full of everything you need to stay healthy and energized as you go about your day. Ideally, they are good to have before you go to the gym, as they provide an energy boost but be sure to wait for around 30 minutes between eating and exercising in order to avoid stomach cramps.