premium Yoga studio in
Rockford, IL

Today, life is monotonous and stressful. Find some time to relax and unwind; we can help you…



No Joke Yoga Studio is an oasis in the heart of Loves Park, Illinois. We are devoted to helping our friends in the Greater Rockford Area relax, unwind, and move in a soothing and conveniently located environment.

No Joke has been a proud sponsor of fitness & fun through Mixed Martial Arts in the area since 2002. We are now proud to also provide a wide variety of Yoga and meditation classes for practitioners of all levels including Hatha, Vinyasa, and more.

Benefits of yoga

Today, life is monotonous and stressful. Everyone is rushing through the hours and barely has any time to spend with family. This tedious lifestyle makes it hard for one to have any time for one’s own self, let alone time for a daily yoga class. Knowing what wonders can a weekly yoga class can make in your life, you can surely make some time for it.

Going to a yoga class weekly for just six months can improve your daily focus and helps to concentrate better than normal days. Yoga aims to gather your energy and channelize it in an organized way to get better results. The key is to focus all your energy and you can easily learn it doing yoga weekly for a few months straight.

Join Hundreds of Healthy People

Our mission is to give students an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective.